Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All aboard the Complain Train! Choo Choo!

I haven't blogged in a while :'( Being 34 weeks pregnant and working a full time job in the city is hard work!

So I think this is going to be a complaint blog today! ha ha! (lots of complaints come along with being pregnant.... at least for me anyway!)

So like I said, working in the city is tough, while your pregnant and here's why:
  1. In the first trimester (which in my opinion, is the worst so far), nobody knows your pregnant so they don't get up to give you a seat on the train when you are feeling faint, dizzy, hot, nauseous and just plain awful. 
  2. People run you over, bump into you, and race you for a seat and the sad thing is, it is mostly the men that are doing this! 
  3. In the third trimester (and clearly pregnant) you can't get a seat even if you tried because nobody likes to get up or pretend that "they don't see you" or they are "sleeping". And its hard because the third trimester you are very tired, your winded and out of breath, your legs feel weak, you feel faint and you literally do need to sit down at times.... but no, nobody cares! 
  4. Forget about getting a work out on your own after 28 weeks, you get plenty of it dodging people on the streets! They again, run you over, bump into you, and race you up the block just to catch the light. I literally had to smack some guy in the head with my umbrella today because he felt the need to run into me all to get into a store away from the rain. (Well boy, was he sorry after feeling the wrath of the pregnant lady!!) 
 Sleeping is becoming tough. And I don't mean waking up 2 or 3 times throughout the course of 8 hours to go pee.. No, no, no. Mama's already used to that, I mean not even being able to fall asleep because you can't find a comfortable position to even try to fall asleep in! If you lay back on your pillow you can't breathe because your sinuses get all stuffy and your lungs feel like they are being crushed by the baby, so you'd think propping yourself up with pillows might do the trick..... no, that just makes your neck hurt. Having the weight of the baby fall off to the side your sleeping on is a challenge because you feel you're crushing him or he's literally pulling everything down with him, including your organs! You can't sleep on your back because again, you can't breath and they say its not best anyway because if you are there long enough the baby can press on certain organs or veins or what have you and that decreases blood flow to the placenta. You either have to get one of those pregnancy body pillows (which tend to be bulky and in the way anyway) or surround yourself with your own pillows behind your back, between your legs, under your neck and in front of your tummy and under your arms, so that you end up in your own "nest" to be even remotely comfortable AND when you finally do get comfortable enough to catch the slightest wink of shut-eye, you are being woken up to the most excruciating pain of a charlie horse in your calf! Oi vey! Those things hurt!--

Not to mention the baby is getting bigger and running out of room, and boy does he want out! Stretching and pulling are a regular by now. Kicking, punching, poking, and prodding have become a normal part of the day and not to say that any of it hurts, it just becomes more uncomfortable the bigger he gets. The other day I literally felt my entire insides stretch to a shape that I thought was unimaginable by what felt like a somersault in my tummy. I believe Beebie flipped because he was breech a couple weeks back. Either that, or he is going to be a great acrobat someday!

I must say though, despite all of this complaining I have been doing lately (because you know, I do complain when I'm not blogging!), I truly am super happy and excited to meet my little peanut. In just a few short weeks I will be a mother and I can only imagine that it is the best feeling in the world!

This is Patti the Preggie
 Complaints, grunts, huffs & puffs,

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