Thursday, October 27, 2011

So this is me!

Hey there! I'm Patti. And this is my blog. I usually dont write these things, but lately I've come to realize that I have a lot to say about some big changes that have been happening in my life! I am recently married to a wonderful man named Matt and we are expecting our first baby January 18th of next year! (2012).

In case your wondering "What does this soon-to-be Mommy look like?"--that's me. 'pre-baby bump'

And this is me 'current baby bump'.Ok, not that current... about 25 weeks, so about 3 weeks ago!

And incase you're wondering about this little nugget of love... that's beebie! Ok, well his name isn't beebie, it's just what we call him for now until either he is born or until we pick a name (Which is the hardest decision ever!!) .... isn't he adorable already? This pic was taken at just 16 weeks! But it's my favorite pic of him so far, he looks just like his Daddy already!

And this is Matt. My hubby. My world, the love of my life! I love him so much! I'll be talking a lot about him too, so I figured I'd give you guys a face to match the name!

I decided I wanted to call my blog "Mommy's Footsteps" because if there is anyone in the world whose footsteps I'd like to follow in, it'd be my Mommy! Being a soon-to-be mom seems pretty scary at times (although it is such a beautiful and great thing!), so having a role model such as my Momma, has made me confident that I will be the greatest mom! And I can only imagine teaching lifes lessons to my baby the way she raised me!

This is me and my momma :-) She is no longer here but I think of her constantly and only aspire to be just like her some day! She was a beautiful woman with a heart so big you can get lost in it. And now she is my guided light. I love you Momma. -- I'll give you guys some more stories about my momma in some upcoming blogs, but for now I'll keep it short and sweet! :-)

I'm here to take you on my journey not only as a new mother, but everything that comes before it! I am currently 28 Weeks pregnant (7 months for the "mommy inclined"! ha ha!) And I have a lot to say about being pregnant! I'll tell you how it all silly, not the birds and the bees talk! I'll tell you how pregnancy makes me feel and the experiences I've encountered, and the further along I get I will tell you about my delivery! After that will come hearing about the new joys of being parent! So hang on! It's going to be a really adventurous ride!

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