Monday, October 31, 2011

Hubby's have dreams too!

So, usually I'm the one dreaming up thoughts about our little Beebie. I tend to have the craziest dreams lately as most pregnant women do. I've dreamed about having a girl versus a boy, that the baby was born early or that it wasn't a baby at all, or worse that I was doing awful things while pregnant, like smoking and drinking! Ahh!!

Well, Matt told me he had yet another dream of the baby last night! He said in his dream it was the "end of the world" ha ha! (I love how his dreams have to be so morbid, although he's dreaming of our little one! hehe) Anywhoo, he said that the wall in our bedroom apartment had been ripped off the side of the building and there was this big gaping hole! Next, he said that he was trying to save me and the baby and he had the baby in his arms and had to jump off this ledge and he was doing everything he could to make sure the baby was safe. He also said that for some reason the baby was a girl! ha ha!

I just think its so endearing how he dreams of Beebie too. Usually, us women are the ones who dream of our babies because we have so many day to day racing thoughts of the future with our little ones. So many concerns that are on our minds that they find their way to seep into our dreams. But when I see that Matt dreams of the baby too I just think it's so cute because it shows he also has concerns and cares as a soon-to-be father. And that to me alone shows that he is going to be a great Dad! Although I'm already completely confident that he is going to be the greatest dad ever!

So with that being said, I'll leave you off with this!:

This is a pic of Daddy "dreaming away" with our other little baby, Nikki!!! (Nikki is going to be a big sister!)
All those precious baby dreams,

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