Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Weight to Baby Fat!

I've never been one to ever be concerned about my weight. In fact, I've always been pretty petite my whole life, so putting on a few extra pounds has always seemed inviting to me. Now I know not many women would say that, but hey I'm not many women hehe :-)

My doctor tells me that I'm gaining the weight properly, so I guess that's good! Thankfully I haven't really bloated in the wrong places, but I have put on a few pounds! Most of it is belly weight thankfully, so at least I know the baby is growing well! I hear that around this time, most women typically gain around 11 pounds, which makes complete sense because 11 pounds from now I would weigh 153 at around 9 months and ready to give birth which means that I would have gained about 40 pounds for my entire pregnancy (but of course these are rough estimates! hehe) and for my height and pre-baby weight, it's perfect! That would be the most I ever weighed, and for some reason I'm so excited about it! ha ha! Hopefully I can take off the weight as quick as I put it on after Beebie is born!

Here's my latest belly pic:

28.2 weeks and counting! I'm sure there will be rapid growth spurts over the next few weeks!
Until next weigh-in,
Au Revoir!

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