Monday, October 31, 2011

Hubby's have dreams too!

So, usually I'm the one dreaming up thoughts about our little Beebie. I tend to have the craziest dreams lately as most pregnant women do. I've dreamed about having a girl versus a boy, that the baby was born early or that it wasn't a baby at all, or worse that I was doing awful things while pregnant, like smoking and drinking! Ahh!!

Well, Matt told me he had yet another dream of the baby last night! He said in his dream it was the "end of the world" ha ha! (I love how his dreams have to be so morbid, although he's dreaming of our little one! hehe) Anywhoo, he said that the wall in our bedroom apartment had been ripped off the side of the building and there was this big gaping hole! Next, he said that he was trying to save me and the baby and he had the baby in his arms and had to jump off this ledge and he was doing everything he could to make sure the baby was safe. He also said that for some reason the baby was a girl! ha ha!

I just think its so endearing how he dreams of Beebie too. Usually, us women are the ones who dream of our babies because we have so many day to day racing thoughts of the future with our little ones. So many concerns that are on our minds that they find their way to seep into our dreams. But when I see that Matt dreams of the baby too I just think it's so cute because it shows he also has concerns and cares as a soon-to-be father. And that to me alone shows that he is going to be a great Dad! Although I'm already completely confident that he is going to be the greatest dad ever!

So with that being said, I'll leave you off with this!:

This is a pic of Daddy "dreaming away" with our other little baby, Nikki!!! (Nikki is going to be a big sister!)
All those precious baby dreams,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Weight to Baby Fat!

I've never been one to ever be concerned about my weight. In fact, I've always been pretty petite my whole life, so putting on a few extra pounds has always seemed inviting to me. Now I know not many women would say that, but hey I'm not many women hehe :-)

My doctor tells me that I'm gaining the weight properly, so I guess that's good! Thankfully I haven't really bloated in the wrong places, but I have put on a few pounds! Most of it is belly weight thankfully, so at least I know the baby is growing well! I hear that around this time, most women typically gain around 11 pounds, which makes complete sense because 11 pounds from now I would weigh 153 at around 9 months and ready to give birth which means that I would have gained about 40 pounds for my entire pregnancy (but of course these are rough estimates! hehe) and for my height and pre-baby weight, it's perfect! That would be the most I ever weighed, and for some reason I'm so excited about it! ha ha! Hopefully I can take off the weight as quick as I put it on after Beebie is born!

Here's my latest belly pic:

28.2 weeks and counting! I'm sure there will be rapid growth spurts over the next few weeks!
Until next weigh-in,
Au Revoir!

12 more weeks??! (Where did the time go?!)

Okay, okay. I know that I started this blog pretty late into my pregnancy, but I'm sure if you were reading this along with me from the beginning you would feel like time has flew too! I know time flies when you're having fun, but apparently it flies a lot faster when you are harvesting a little beebie inside of you!

So I have this app on my phone from an online pregnancy forum that I am on, and every week it sends me notifications saying things like "You're baby is 28 weeks old today!". I like that it notifies me, because even though I'm pretty good at keeping track of my baby's progress, having that ol' pregnancy brain I can get pretty forgetful! It's nice to have that weekly reminder of how many weeks I am. Needless to say, the latest one I got was that my baby is 28 weeks old, and that there are only 12 weeks to go! (well, more or less...but in response to my due date) -- THAT IS CRAZY! 

It's funny, because when I first found out I was pregnant, it all seemed like some dream that one day I will be giving birth and it all seemed so far away. I thought to myself, "Well, that's almost a year away before I'd be pushing a watermelon out of my lady parts!" -- And even over the past 7 months, it still doesn't feel "all that real" to me just yet. But when i read those words.... those eye opening, jaw dropping words... it really set in stone for me! How can it be just 12 weeks away already? Okay, 12 weeks is 3 months but when you say it like that it seems so close! I can't believe how time has just taken over and this year is practically gone, and before I know it there will be another man in my life. My son! 
It really is mind boggling to me. Knowing myself my entire life, my particular way of living, doing things on my own for the most part when I want, how I want. And that all of a sudden have a little something made from you that can completely change your life. I've never really got deep into thought about how babies are born and all that stuff you learn in grade school until I was actually pregnant. It really is mind boggling how it all happens. I won't bore you with the logistics of it all, but it is a completely different outlook, feeling, and idea of how I ever thought of pregnancy. I'm not going to let my mind wonder about how it all really truly happens, all I know is that I couldn't be happier at this point in my life and I can't wait to meet my little man!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So this is me!

Hey there! I'm Patti. And this is my blog. I usually dont write these things, but lately I've come to realize that I have a lot to say about some big changes that have been happening in my life! I am recently married to a wonderful man named Matt and we are expecting our first baby January 18th of next year! (2012).

In case your wondering "What does this soon-to-be Mommy look like?"--that's me. 'pre-baby bump'

And this is me 'current baby bump'.Ok, not that current... about 25 weeks, so about 3 weeks ago!

And incase you're wondering about this little nugget of love... that's beebie! Ok, well his name isn't beebie, it's just what we call him for now until either he is born or until we pick a name (Which is the hardest decision ever!!) .... isn't he adorable already? This pic was taken at just 16 weeks! But it's my favorite pic of him so far, he looks just like his Daddy already!

And this is Matt. My hubby. My world, the love of my life! I love him so much! I'll be talking a lot about him too, so I figured I'd give you guys a face to match the name!

I decided I wanted to call my blog "Mommy's Footsteps" because if there is anyone in the world whose footsteps I'd like to follow in, it'd be my Mommy! Being a soon-to-be mom seems pretty scary at times (although it is such a beautiful and great thing!), so having a role model such as my Momma, has made me confident that I will be the greatest mom! And I can only imagine teaching lifes lessons to my baby the way she raised me!

This is me and my momma :-) She is no longer here but I think of her constantly and only aspire to be just like her some day! She was a beautiful woman with a heart so big you can get lost in it. And now she is my guided light. I love you Momma. -- I'll give you guys some more stories about my momma in some upcoming blogs, but for now I'll keep it short and sweet! :-)

I'm here to take you on my journey not only as a new mother, but everything that comes before it! I am currently 28 Weeks pregnant (7 months for the "mommy inclined"! ha ha!) And I have a lot to say about being pregnant! I'll tell you how it all silly, not the birds and the bees talk! I'll tell you how pregnancy makes me feel and the experiences I've encountered, and the further along I get I will tell you about my delivery! After that will come hearing about the new joys of being parent! So hang on! It's going to be a really adventurous ride!